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Waiting for Charm (in Production)


Jean-Noël Gobron started the shooting, in DVCPRO HD, of a personal diary about his love story with Charmian.

Charmian, May 2006
(photo: Jean-Noël Gobron)

Jean-Noël, a Belgian man and Charmian, a Filipino woman, meet through a website. Attracted to each other's profile, they have virtual conversations in a chat-room and start falling in love. The following months they maintain contact by chatting, sending emails, writing letters, and phoning. Despite the distance between Belgium and the Philippines they decide to meet for real. As Jean-Noël makes his way to Manila, he brings a video-camera along and starts shooting a diary about their story.

The shooting will continue with the arrival of Charmian in Brussels. What will be her first impressions? How will she interact with the people and Belgian culture, with the Western way of living?

In a way, the film will also become the subjective diary of Charm and of her relationship with Jean-Noël. By improvised recordings made from time to time, "Waiting for Charm" could eventually start leading it's own life...

Looking (through the camera) at Charmian
(photo: Charmian Cabrera)

Looking at (the camera of) Jean-Noël
(photo: Jean-Noël Gobron)

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