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Biography and photographs of Charmian Cabrera

Born in Tacloban, Leyte (Philippines) on November 21, 1977, Charmian Cabrera Dagatan studied medicine (graduated in physical therapy). In 2006 she married the Belgian filmmaker Jean-Noël Gobron with whom she lived in Brussels (Belgium). Charmian collaborates there at the production of several films, notably as sound recorder and editor. In 2011 she also had a small role in the film “Quixote’s Island” directed by Didier Volckaert. With her husband, she manages the audiovisual production house “Alcyon Film”, of which she is the secretary. In 2018 the couple leaves Belgium to settle in the Southwest of France. There they create the art gallery Espace d'Art Roger Gobron, dedicated to the work of Jean-Noël’s parents..

Français :
Née à Tacloban, Leyte (Philippines) le 21 novembre 1977, Charmian Cabrera Dagatan suit des études de médecine (diplômée en physiothérapeute). En 2006 elle se marie avec le cinéaste belge Jean-Noël Gobron avec qui elle vivra à Bruxelles (Belgique). Charmian y collabore à la production de plusieurs films, notamment en qualité de preneuse de son et de monteuse. En 2011 elle tient aussi un petit rôle dans le film “Quixote’s Island” réalisé par Didier Volckaert. Avec son mari elle gère la maison de production audiovisuelle “Alcyon Film”, dont elle est la secrétaire. En 2018 le couple quitte la Belgique pour s’installer au Sud-ouest de la France. Ils y fondent l'Espace d'Art Roger Gobron, dédié à l’oeuvre des parents de Jean-Noël.

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© Gobron-Cabrera/Photo: Charlene Cabrera.
© Gobron-Cabrera/Photo: Philippe Barth.

2020, France (Lot).
© Gobron-Cabrera/Photo: Jean-Noël Gobron.

2017, Montpellier, France.
2011, Philippines. With her husband Jean-Noël Gobron, shooting of the film Waiting for Charm.

© Gobron-Cabrera/Photo: Reinhart Cosaert.

2010, acting in "Quixote's Island" directed by Didier Volckaert.
© Gobron-Cabrera/Photo: Reinhart Cosaert.

2010, acting with Jeroen Willems in "Quixote's Island" directed by Didier Volckaert.

© Gobron-Cabrera/Photo: HugoDeDecker.

2009, Brussels.

© Gobron-Cabrera/Photo: Madeleine.

2008, France (Aveyron). Shooting for Christian Mesnil.
© Gobron-Cabrera/Photo: Jean-Noël Gobron.

2007, Brussels. With Jean-Noël Gobron, shooting of the film Waiting for Charm.
© Gobron-Cabrera/Photo: Jean-Noël Gobron.

2006, Philippines.

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