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Espace d'Art Roger Gobron

Located in the department of the Lot (Sout-West France), the Espace d'Art Roger Gobron houses the works of Roger and Marie-Jo Gobron. Permanent exhibition by appointment. The place also allows you to view the books, films and DVD's edited and produced by ALCYON FILM.

Roger Gobron

Website of the Belgian painter Roger Gobron (1899-1985). His artwork consist mainly of watercolours influenced by Expressionism. Alcyon Film produced a documentary film about the painter, directed by his son Jean-Noël Gobron.

Marie-Jo Gobron

Website of the Belgian poet Marie-Jo Gobron (1916-2008), the widow of Roger Gobron. Marie-Jo published her first volume of poems in 1955. Occasionally, she also created collages. Alcyon Film produced a documentary film about Marie-Jo, directed by her son Jean-Noël Gobron.

Deep link to a video interview with Alcyon Film's chairman Jean-Noël Gobron about his feature documentary Portrait de ma mère poète. Cinergie is the most important French website of documentation on the Belgian cinema. On line you will find articles and a directory of the cinema and audio-visual Belgians, enriched by much informations, like articles about the films, biographies of the directors and many more...

Official website of Marcel Hanoun, considered by Jonas Mekas as the most important French filmmaker since Rober Bresson. Jean-Noël Gobron worked as director of photography on the following films, directed by Marcel Hanoun: "FUTUR ANTÉRIEUR" and "BRUIT D'AMOUR ET DE GUERRE".

Website of the French independent filmmaker Gérard Courant. In 1999, Alcyon Film was the co-producer of his feature film "LE JOURNAL DE JOSEPH M", made with and about his friend, the filmmaker Joseph Morder. On the site, several of the famous "Cinématon"-shorts of Gérard can also be viewed online.

Jean-Marie Lambert has created Studio Gamma in 1971. Using the technique of optical printing under "liquid gate", he his blowing up Double 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm into 16, Super 16 and 35mm, as well as creating special effects on optical printer. If you want to learn something about these techniques don't hesitate to visit his well designed site. It's all in there... and with pictures.

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