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News : Satori Stress, restauré par Cinematek, est désormais mondialement disponible sur le site au choix en version française/japonaise ou anglaise/japonaise (sous-titres français, anglais ou néerlandais)

Satori Stress, restored by Cinematek, is now worldwide available on the website in two versions: English/Japanese or French/Japanese (additional subtitles in English, French or Dutch)


a film by Jean-Noël Gobron
starring Akiko Inamura

Launched in 2010, at the occasion of the 16 mm film screening at the Brussel's Cinematek, this DVD is available in the French or English version. It contains chapters menus and several extras, including a TV interview (dated 1984) of the director and the writer of the text. The DVD is compatible with all regions. Price: 10 Euro. Worldwide delivery. Contact us to inquire about the shipping charges for your country.

The travel diary of the filmmaker, who travels to Tokyo for love. A documentary where beautiful and at times intimate images interpose over a voice-over reciting an unrelated poetic text. Restored in 2022 by CINEMATEK, the Royal Belgian Film Archive.

Leaving Europe to look for Akiko, Jean-Noël discovers her city, the exotic Tokyo.
A documentary on everyday life in Tokyo, its KABUKI theater, its nostalgic TAKENOKOZOKU dances, its thousands of suit-and-tie executives, its geishas, its Western style marriages, its tranquil green areas, its pulsating nightlife...
Yet, the commentary, which deliberately often strays away from the images, throws into question the objectivity of the documentary film. Here, what we see is inseparable from the experience of its young maker as he cast a loving eye on a people and its culture.

Parti à la recherche d'Akiko, Jean-Noël découvre sa ville, Tokyo l'exotique.
Documentaire sur la vie quotidienne à Tokyo, ses nuits chaudes, son théâtre KABUKI, ses danses nostalgiques de TAKENOKOZOKU, ses milliers de cadres cravatés, ses geishas, ses mariages à l'occidentale, ses quartiers campagnards...
Mais le commentaire, en un décalage délibéré par rapport à l'image met en question toute l'objectivité du document filmé. La vision ici est inséparable du vécu du jeune réalisateur qui pose sur un peuple et une culture un regard amoureux. Version restaurée en 2022 par la CINEMATEK.

In 1984 the film was awarded four times at the Grand prix national du film de reportage et d'aventure of Brussels.

• Grand prix national du film de reportage et d'aventure
• Originalité de l'aventure vécue
• Originalité du montage
• Meilleur commentaire

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Poster, designed by Alain Jacquemin
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Category: fictional-documentary
Duration: 75 minutes (at 24 fps)
French/Japanese version (French subtitles)
English/Japanese version (English subtitles)
Film stock: Fuji colour negative
Format: 16 mm (2.700 ft - 825 m)
Aspect ratio: 4/3 (1:1,37)
Audio: mono (optical)
Production year: 1983 (released in 1984).

Technical sheet
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Direction: Jean-Noël GOBRON
Text: Benoit BOELENS
Camera & Photography: Jean-Noël GOBRON
Sound: Akiko INAMURA
Editing: Monique RYSSELINCK
Artistic Adviser: Benoit BOELENS
Japanese & French Voice: Akiko INAMURA
French Voice: Nicola DONATO
French Voice: Jean-Noël GOBRON
English Voices: Jonathan COY & Rick COTTAN
Koto Player: Masae YOSHIZAWA
Translation: Akiko INAMURA, Machiko OYAMA, Masayasu NAKAJIMA & Keiichi KASAJIMA
English version by: Gil AUFRAY
& Claire BARWELL
Special Effects: Jean-Marie LAMBERT
Credits & Titles: Jacques CAMPENS
Sound Mixing: Gérard ROUSSEAU
Sound Studio: l'Equipe
Laboratory: Meuter Titra
Coordination: Akiko INAMURA
Production: Jean-Noël GOBRON
With participation of Atelier Jeunes Cinéastes
With help of the Ministry of French speaking Community, Belgium (for the English version)

Director's note of intent
French (52 Kb)»
Dissertation of Faïza Boumedian
1998, Insas (Brussels film school)
Extract (French - 152 Kb)»
Analysis of Daphnis Boelens
2005 ULB
Brussels university
weblog article
French (192 Kb)» French (80 Kb)»


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